Who We Are


Founded in 1989 and located in Portão - RS, the Soubach Special Leathers specializes in leather re-tanning and finishing and synthetic finishing, operating in the national and international market.

We provide the best products on the leather market to our customers, and we're always seeking improvements.
Our mission is to ensure the quality of our product and the satisfaction of our customers, by investing in training for our team and applied technology to our processes.


There are large national and international brands of purses and shoes currently in the customer portfolio of Soubach. We offer competitive prices for the market, in addition to on-time delivery, quality products and the continuous release of new products.

As a partner, Soubach is constantly working to meet the needs and wishes of its customers.


At Soubach, we have a true commitment to the environment and to the leather production in a responsible manner. Always respecting the applicable environmental laws and policies.

We seek to continuously monitor developments in the treatment and reuse of natural resources and in order to control our activities, we established goals and environmental indicators regarding the consumption of renewable energy (electricity, firewood and fuels), water consumption, atmospheric emissions and effluent parameters.

Through a periodic survey, Soubach maintains a list of restricted substances, of which we maintain a minimum level of use, precisely to avoid possible impacts to the environment. These include: Chromium VI, heavy metals, PCP, TECP & TCP, azo dyes, Dimetilfumarato (DMFU), Total Lead, among others.

Our substances control policy also has a careful choice of suppliers and raw materials, in addition to the analyses of our leather products in specialized and accredited laboratories, thus certifying our compliance to the use level limits of these substances as provided by law.

https://www.soubach.com.br/wp-content/uploads/Note Soubach English.pdf


Considering the international requirements and the Company's commitment to adopt more sustainable techniques, Soubach became part of the LWG (Leather Working Group) in 2012, and after the reviews was certified in the Gold category.

The LWG (www.leatherworkinggroup.com) is a group of companies whose primary purpose is to develop and maintain a protocol that evaluates the resources capabilities and the environmental performance of tanners, promoting environmental and appropriate practices within the leather industry.. This certification aims to improve the leather industries, creating and aligning environmental priorities and providing visibility to the best practices, in addition to provide guideline suggestions for continuous improvement.


Soubach developed a Traceability System of its leathers, through a procedure establishing all identification controls required, as the requirement of marking the leather with a specific code, documentation of origin, monitoring in the production, record in the computerized system and identification of batch, thus allowing the possibility of tracing the origin of each leather produced by the Company.

Alfa Conglomerate

The Alfa Conglomerate consists of a group of companies operating in multiple business sectors, such as finance, agribusiness, food, building materials, communication and culture, leather industry and hotel.

With substantial experience and tradition in different fields, the Alfa Conglomerate companies seek excellence as an integral part of their businesses.

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